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Where Pharmacy Means Peace of Mind...

At heart, Falak Pharmacy is simply a pharmacy company committed to the best in pharmacy practice--accuracy, clinical effectiveness, cost containment, fast service and the best possible patient care. Beyond these basics, we make pharmacy work for your patients on a person-to-person basis.

Falak Pharmacy's broad array of product offerings enables us to service the complete continuum of care. More than a supplier of medications, our pharmacy understands the extra measure of service and value required by caregivers. Drawing on our network of clinical and business professionals utilizing the latest technology, we give exacting attention to each prescription within a whole-patient context, to protect against harmful interactions and avoid duplicate medications.

Through professional pharmacy practice and personalized consulting, Falak Pharmacy gives you peace of mind that only a leading pharmacy can offer. Falak Pharmacy is ready to exceed your expectations about the kind of partner your pharmacy provider should be


Pharmacy Dispensing

At Falak Pharmacy's center is a solid, professional pharmacy practice. We concentrate on the basics-accuracy in dispensing, clinical oversight, and fast, responsive service. Our pharmacists and automated systems help you improve patient care, prevent drug-related errors, and save on overall costs.

Patient's medications are delivered directly to the physician's office, patient's home or work on schedule at least once daily. Emergency orders are filled and delivered immediately. And of course all deliveries are free.

Upon receipt of an order, Falak Pharmacy's systems automatically screen for patient allergies and potential reactions with other medications and duplicate therapies. Each prescription is checked at least four times before delivery. So you know it's the right medication in the right dose, properly packaged for efficient, error-free administration.

Questions, Problems? Your Falak Pharmacy pharmacist is as close as your phone


Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Falak Pharmacy and You: A Partnership that Works

Because of the good will of those we serve is the foundation of our success and our deep roots in healthcare, our unquestioned priority is the same as yours - promoting the health, safety and comfort of patients. Our work with you goes far beyond supplying medications. We become your partner in finding individualized solutions to patient needs, solving problems and developing clinical approaches that optimize the well being of the persons in your trust.

More than just "operations," our pharmacy is committed to service in an immediate, personal sense - professionals who care, actively working with you in a common quest for clinical excellence. It's a partnership that works, for your patients and for you.

While we approach your daily pharmacy needs on a patient-by-patient basis, Falak Pharmacy's experienced scope means that we can give you an unparalleled level of expertise to support your broader clinical and business objectives. Our ties to healthcare industry and consulting, give us access to unmatched clinical, business and technological resources - all aimed at your success